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Patient Care Services Packages

caregiver with her patient

Weekday Health Appointments Package

For many seniors, frequent trips to the doctor’s office and pharmacy are a normal part of life. When your loved one can no longer drive or make healthcare decisions on their own, they often depend on you to take them to these essential appointments. But what happens when you have to work or cannot get away from other responsibilities? Our caregivers can provide attentive care as they accompany your loved one to the doctor with our Weekday Health Appointment Package.

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Rise and Shine Package

As seniors age, they may become less flexible and steady on their feet. This can make morning routines difficult, and many seniors struggle with getting dressed and fixing a good breakfast. Some seniors may hesitate to bathe for fear of slipping in the shower. With the help of a caregiver, your senior loved one can start their day off right.

Having a good morning can impact the rest of your day. Skillcare Health Services, Inc. Rise and Shine Care Package gives seniors the assistance they need to get ready for their day. From help out of bed, to bathing assistance, to dressing assistance to a nutritious breakfast, a caregiver can be there every step of the way to a refreshing morning and a great day.

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Mealtime Check-in Care Package

Juggling a job and your caregiving responsibilities can be stressful. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, 70% of working caregivers experience work-related difficulties. Depending on the distance between work and home as well as your ability to get away during the day, your loved one may be left alone and without help. This can cause a lot of worry and stress in your life as well as your loved one’s life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave for the day, knowing that your senior family member will be safe and well-cared for? With our Mealtime Check-in Package, your loved one will receive a visit from one of our caregivers during the day when you are away from home.

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caregiver with her patient

Night Out Package

Spending quality time with your spouse, partner or significant other is important. However, since you started taking care of your senior parent, you may be more likely to take rain checks on date night. Skillcare Health Services, Inc. can be there to help your senior loved one while you enjoy a night out. We will assign your elder loved one with a caregiver that can attend to their evening care needs.

The Benefits of Date Night

Date night does not have to be with a romantic partner. Going to dinner or attending a with a group of friends are also great ways to enjoy your night. Being social can combat any feelings of loneliness or depression you may feel. Talking with your companions may be a good way to get frustrations off of your chest. Who knows? Your “date” may have ideas and comfort that could help you. When you return home, you can feel better about your role as a family caregiver and continue to provide compassionate care for your loved one. Many family caregivers like you feel guilty about leaving their loved one. They feel that they should not be able to have fun while their parent or other relative is having a hard time. Feeling this way is normal, but it is okay to leave for a few hours when your loved one is in capable hands.

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Out of Town Package

Weddings, graduations, business trips, or family events – there are many reasons why you may need to be out of town for a few days at a time. As a family caregiver, you are concerned about your loved one’s well-being, and you may feel guilty for leaving. What if an emergency happens? Take comfort knowing that Skillcare Health Services, Inc. has a care package just for you and your family.

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