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Rise and Shine Package

As seniors age, they may become less flexible and steady on their feet. This can make morning routines difficult, and many seniors struggle with getting dressed and fixing a good breakfast. Some seniors may hesitate to bathe for fear of slipping in the shower. With the help of a caregiver, your senior loved one can start their day off right.

Having a good morning can impact the rest of your day. Skillcare Health Services, Inc. Rise and Shine Care Package gives seniors the assistance they need to get ready for their day. From help out of bed, to bathing assistance, to dressing assistance to a nutritious breakfast, a caregiver can be there every step of the way to a refreshing morning and a great day.

Package Includes:

  • 3-4 hours of care
  • Transfer out of bed
  • Shower
  • Dressing
  • Morning Medication Reminder
  • Nutritious breakfast

To learn more about our Rise and Shine Care Package, please contact Skillcare Health Services, Inc., at 972-807-2292.