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Weekday Health Appointments Package

For many seniors, frequent trips to the doctor’s office and pharmacy are a normal part of life. When your loved one can no longer drive or make healthcare decisions on their own, they often depend on you to take them to these essential appointments. But what happens when you have to work or cannot get away from other responsibilities? Our caregivers can provide attentive care as they accompany your loved one to the doctor with our Weekday Health Appointment Package.

Package Includes:

  • 3-5 hours of care
  • Help getting ready for the appointment
  • Attend doctor visit
  • Ask questions appointed by you
  • Take notes on doctor visit
  • Pharmacy drop-off and pick-up
  • Grocery store trip (if needed)
  • Go home and get settled

To learn more about our Rise and Shine Care Package, please contact Skillcare Health Services, Inc., at 972-807-2292.