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Common Medical Equipment to Aid Breathing

Common Medical Equipment to Aid Breathing

Children may require intensive health care at home after they have been hospitalized due to a medical condition. It is vital that you and other family members learn about the medical devices and equipment your child will depend on besides seeking help from a pediatric home health agency in Texas.

While different medical equipment may be needed for various medical conditions, some are commonly used equipment for children who need breathing assistance. Here is a list of some common medical equipment your child may need for breathing:

  • Oxygen

    Some children breathe okay on their own, while others may require extra oxygen either intermittently or all the time. They may receive oxygen from prongs in the nose or from a face mask. Keep oxygen away from flames, heaters, rubbing alcohol, spray cans, petroleum jelly, and smoking.

  • Ventilator

    A ventilator, known also as a breathing machine, is attached to the tracheostomy tube, providing the child with continuous breathing support. The doctor will determine the settings for the ventilator, which include the size of breath, breathing rate, and amount of oxygen. All caregivers should be familiar with the settings. However, a skilled nursing provider can offer ventilator care.

  • Pulse Oximeter

    This measures heart rate and the amount of oxygen in the blood. It is usually worn on a toe or a finger. You and other family members should know what your child’s normal readings are. You should also learn how to recognize a false alarm.

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