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Professional Nursing Care for Medically Dependent Children

Professional Nursing Care for Medically Dependent Children

Children who are medically dependent usually deal with medical complexities, such as the use of technological devices like oxygen, tracheostomy, or enteral feeding tubes. Due to these circumstances, it is important for them to get help from a reliable pediatric home health agency in Texas.

Home health agencies providing professional nursing care can offer the following intensive medical attention and support:

  • Private Duty Nursing
    Hands-on registered nurses (RNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) are trained in administering tracheostomy care, ostomy care, ventilator care, gastrostomy care, G-Tube feeding, apnea monitoring, seizure disorders, and the like.
  • Colostomy Care
    With skilled nursing assistance, the family of a medically dependent child, together with a primary caregiver, can have a guide in maintaining the safe use of colostomy pouch to prevent irritation, itching, and burning. A colostomy can be temporary or permanent, which is why a highly trained nurse is vital in providing care coordination and support.
  • Wound VAC Care
    To prevent infection and heal wounds faster, the expertise of a professional nurse is needed to supervise the proper use of wound VAC or negative pressure wound therapy. This is done to drain excess fluid from the wound, reduce bacteria and swelling, and keep the wound moist and warm.
  • Infusion Therapy
    IV therapy or intravenous infusion therapy refers to the appropriate selection and insertion of peripheral IV, especially for fragile children who need ostomy care, G-Tube feeding, catheter care, and other forms of concentrated medical care.

If you need specialized nursing care from skilled professionals, you can contact our home health agency in Plano, Texas to address your needs.

At Skillcare Health Services, Inc. Dba Caring At Home, we give you the proper care and support you need to maintain the health and well-being of your children. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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