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Intravenous Medication Administration

Intravenous Medication Administration

Oftentimes, when oral intake of medications is not possible for a patient with a complex condition, IV therapy is administered. This type of medication administration makes use of an IV catheter, which allows your nurses and doctors to give you safe doses of your required medication. However, you should take note that it is important you receive procedure from professional healthcare providers.

As a home health agency in Dallas, Texas, Skillcare Health Services, Inc. Dba Caring At Home offers high-quality medical care. Our skilled staff can perform IV infusion therapy to our clients in the comfortable environment of their homes.

While IV Infusion therapy is generally safe, it can still cause both mild and serious side effects if it is not administered precisely. The medication that is given through an IV infusion acts on the body quickly. This may result in an allergic reaction. Here are the possible side effects of IV Infusion Therapy’s when not administered by professionals:

  • Infection

    This side effect can occur at the injection site. A simple infection can travel into the bloodstream and can cause a more severe infection.

  • Air embolism

    If air gets into the IV medication bag, air bubbles can enter the vein. This can lead to severe problems, such as stroke or heart attack.

  • Blood clots

    IV therapy can cause blood clots, which may block the important blood vessels in the body. This may lead to tissue damage or more serious risks.

However, with proper IV infusion, there is nothing to worry about. As a healthcare and pediatric home health agency in Texas, we ensure your safety by assisting and observing your whole infusion therapy. Your well-being is our top priority. We can guarantee that our skilled nurses are knowledgeable enough to administer IV medications.

Other than IV therapy, our staff is able to deliver skilled nursing services, such as wound care, medication management, and more. Talk to us to know more.

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