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Parents’ Guide to Caring for Children with a Colostomy

Parents’ Guide to Caring for Children with a Colostomy

Certain types of diseases or anatomical defects can cause children to have difficulty passing feces or be unable to defecate at all. This leads to the need for a colostomy surgical procedure. As parents, you might find it surprising to hear from your child’s physician that they must undergo colostomy surgery. You may have a lot of doubts and questions; however, you should know that is extremely vital for your child. A home health agency in Dallas, Texas can help you through this journey.

We understand how difficult it can be seeing your beloved child having to deal with a colostomy. As a pediatric home health agency in Texas, we have prepared a list of pediatric ostomy care to serve as your guidelines in caring for your child:

  • Acceptance

    The earlier your child undergoes ostomy, the easier they can accept having to live with it. Just talk to them openly, empathize with them, and be natural about the topic (e.g., adding humor). Soon, they’ll start to cope with it.

  • Skilled Nursing Services

    There is the fear of your child not being accepted by peers or other people, as well as anxiety regarding whether you’ve given them the right care or not. To ease such worries, hire a skilled nurse. It is very important that they have a colostomy care nurse who has special training in ostomy management and handling patients’ emotional needs.

  • Teach Your Child

    Even a very young child can be taught to empty the pouch. Teach them so they can care for themselves even without you or their nurse. You may want to use a teaching process that begins with your child helping you. Later on, you can help them then, over time, stand by to help only if you are needed.

If you need help with your child’s colostomy care needs, Skillcare Health Services, Inc. Dba Caring At Home is here for you and your family.

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